Friday, May 28, 2010


"Mommy, I want you to make me a little brother or sister."

"Oh, that would be nice, but it's not going to happen Hon."

"But I want it."

"There's this song, I think you've heard it a time or a can't always get what you want..."

Relentless, "Why not?"

"Because sometimes a person's body won't do what you want it to."

"But Mommy, did you go to the doctor?"

"Yes, as a matter of fact I did."

"Well, I think you should try again."

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Take me home, country road...

We had the good fortune of spending the afternoon at a friend's house today. This is not your typical San Diego county home. I would call it New England Farmhouse in style. They have a full basement, a front porch and decks across the entire rear of the home from which to appreciate the country views of rolling hills all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Adirondack chairs, lanterns, a fire pit and thick planks of salvaged lumber make for outdoor dining and entertainment. Oh, and Kathleen and Rick have a few pets. Here is the latest addition to their family, a sweet puppy named Cassie:

Next we met Charlotte:

Molly may have been my favorite:

We fed the sheep,

and chickens.

Nate even got to check the nest boxes in the hen house for eggs. He scored and got to take home his booty.

Speaking of booty, the garden was in full production and gorgeous. We came home with a bag full of basil, onions, carrots, cabbage, and swiss chard. Delicious.

I guess I'm a country girl at heart because I love this place. I am so grateful for such a wonderful afternoon and getting to see my son running down country roads, across fields, and me being more fearful of a snake bite than oncoming traffic.

Incidentally, the next morning before I cracked those farm eggs for Nathan's breakfast he was quick to stop me..."Wait! What if Kathleen gave us the wrong kind of eggs, what if there are chicks in them? I don't want to kill the chicks, I want to wait for them to hatch!" I reminded him of a few things and pointed out there was not a rooster in the hen house...So my child is making it his mission to supply one rooster for every hen in the house so they can all get married and have baby chicks, because that would be so cute, and one could fit right in his hand dontcha know?

Many thanks to Bonny for the idea and to Kathleen and Rick for their generous hospitality.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spa Sunday?

It's been a pretty good run, but it's over now. I have been deemed the baddest, meanest mother ever made. Apparently, there is no laughing, playing or fun around here at all, ever.

I, in fact, ruin everything. He had no choice but to call off Mother's Day. There will be no more flowers for me, my garden will soon be pulled out, and rats will fill my home. Howz that for a Mother's Day greeting? When I tell him not to speak to me with disrespect, I am informed that that makes me even meaner.

On the way to swimming lessons, he asked me for another batch of caterpillars and I foolishly let a bit of sarcasm slip and responded that maybe he should ask some other nice mommy. With no sarcasm of his own, he said, "ok, I'll ask your mommy."

Fantastic, maybe she will also house the mice, lizards, and birds you want; give you your dinner right now; and let you give the cats "bathez" each morning before the sunrise. Yes, that sounds pretty good about now.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


"Mommy, I am getting you a lot of new pets for your birthday. We are going to do it in steps, and today, we are going to get the food and toys. So do you want to get rabbit food, bearded dragon food, or bird food?"

"Uh, none thank you, I think the kittens we got two weeks ago are quite enough for now."

"Mommy, I gave you your choices and if you keep saying none, that means we are going to get even more pets. It's time to go to Petco, which did you choose; a rabbit, bearded dragon, or a bird?"

"I am not going to Petco and we are not getting any more pets today."

"Mommy, if you don't do as I say, there will be a consequence and I don't think you will like birthday party for you. Do you understand that means no cake?"