Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Tonight Nathan was helping to prepare dinner of a simple green salad and barbecue chicken pizza with Gouda cheese. He loves the Dutch delight and even more so since his preschool class was assigned Holland for International Day in May. Yes, Gouda cheese is the best and one of the things that makes it the best is the wonderful red wax that it is packaged in. A simple pleasure, but a pleasure nonetheless to peel away that wax in one soft piece revealing the mild goodness within.

Nathan was up at the prep counter, standing next to me on his chair in our kitchen. The salad was made, table set, all that remained was to assemble our pizza. Instinctively, he knew the Gouda must be freed from it's encasement unmarred, whole and beautiful. He worked slowly and methodically. Deep in concentration a question came to his mind, and for me, the Gouda will never be the same. "Mommy, is this the same kind of wax that comes out of my ears?"


Sam said...

Oh, I was right there with you until the ear part. :) It reminds me of a gal at smith, Dana DiCarlo, who ran for class president freshman year with table tents that said "You don't have to vote for me--you could just use these for your ear wax." The girl hasn't lived this down yet, and we just had our 20th reunion. ;)

jmcglo said...

I love this! It brought back memories of traveling in Europe when I was 9 or 10 and running out of wax for my braces. My mom just bought some Gouda cheese and I had lovely red wax that kept the wires in the back of my mouth from stabbing me. Plus, some yummy cheese to eat, too!