Thursday, April 1, 2010

Le Poisson

After a fair amount of discussion and one in particular in which I let Nathan know that the progress of his grief over the loss of Jake was not in fact, the deciding factor as to how quickly we would acquire a new pet, (I dread the day I cannot see through his manipulations.) we are the proud new owners of a turquoise beta fighting fish.

Meet Chip Fishy Fish, sometimes known as Chippy Fish Fish. Shaun wondered if the name was chosen with Fish and Chips in, Nathan happened to have been eating a tortilla chip during the naming process is all. Chip's name could have just as easily been yogurt or tomato or quesadilla. We're a creative bunch.

Chip is finally getting accustomed to his new bowl, or cage, as Nathan likes to call it, after having been sloshed around in the take home tupperware-like container for the first few hours as Nathan carried him around wherever he went. Little Chippy didn't come with any care instructions, but Nathan is creating his own manual and posting it page by page all in the vicinity of the Chipster's bowl, lest we forget vital tips like he prefers it quiet or that people food is detrimental to his well being. He is also concerned about the fish's emotional needs and has provided a frog for friendship and written him a love note. He's also a little concerned about gender identity and the possibilities therein.

"Mommy, if Chip Fishy Fish is actually a gwirl and she lays eggs, will she fight with her baby fish till they're all dead?"

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Sam said...

Oh, little Yogurt is so cute! Uh, I mean Chippy!