Saturday, July 10, 2010

Grey Skies and Career Choices

Determined to spend some time at the beach this summer despite the depressing weather, we packed our parkas and headed out.

It was a little odd to find the beach very much occupied. Normally when our skies are this grey, it is the dead of winter. Foolishly I expected it to be as deserted as one would expect in February. Instead of umbrellas jutting out from the sand and brightening the scene, beach towels wrapped the locals. Tourists were making the best of it, some even romping about in the ocean.

Nate made good use of the playground and I got to play around a little with my camera entirely in the manual mode which was a first for me.

Earlier that morning we had picked up a new photography book at the UCSD bookstore. Nate was very much intimidated by the campus, I'm sure because his point of reference for Grayson's school was his own preschool, or maybe the elementary school he has visited a few times and will be attending in the fall.

I'm certain he has now reconsidered the notion that he will simply attend Kindergarten and First Grade and then head off to college; but he is steadfast in the decision to attend UCSD at some point. He is clear that he will not be an engineer like his brother, that job description is a bit elusive. Nor will he be a doctor because they give shots and hurt babies. It was a tough decision between being a Veterinarian or a Zoo Keeper, but the decision is made. He has deduced that though a Vet gets to spend lots of time with animals, their owners eventually (usually) take them home, while a Zoo Keeper's animals will always stay at the zoo with him. So it's settled then.


Sam said...

Oh good! Much less to think about down the line. ;)

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I had a zoo kid--big time. He's now going to school in Colorado and majoring in Wildlife Biology.

In my recent trips to the beach I've discovered Arizona doesn't seem to be boycotting San Diego quite as much as was threatened.