Friday, September 16, 2011

"Wind In The Willows"

I recently had the pleasure of taking Nate and his buddy Isaac on a field trip. We were in for a day of trains, boats and swings. There would also be burritos, discussions, instructions and sunscreen.

The sophistication and depth of their conversations around mechanical applications seems oddly out of place coming from car seats in the back seat. Had I paid better attention I might be well equipped to start a new career as an electrician or at least light the neighborhood in our next black out with the use of generators.

I've known for some time that men often look at the world in terms of how it and the things in it work. Seeing these boys together sorta drives that point home. The simplicity of turning a steering wheel and proceeding in that direction just doesn't exist in their world.

Trying to get a smile out of Isaac, I asked what his favorite word was before snapping this shot. The response was classic Isaac..."Electricity!" Nate answered the same question in Eddie Haskell style, "Mommy" and then, "No, actually, Lunch!"

Ah, but let me assure you of their many dimensions. They were discerning and thoughtful shoppers for a person other than themselves. They loved the swings as much as they ever did and took over the playground climbing structure as a ship in search of bad guys. One of their newly made friends was only slightly disappointed when his parents picnicking in the grass were determined to be the nefarious ones.

While we drove, I overheard Nate tell Isaac, "You have really long eyelashes, I bet those will help you get a girlfriend someday." (!?!?)

"Yeah, but I already have a girlfriend." (!?!?)

Isaac observed how pretty a weeping willow tree was, saying he didn't think he had ever seen one. Together we noticed how the sunshine landed on the grand specimen and the pale green of the long leaves. I commented how lovely the willow was when a soft breeze moved through it. Such a thoughtful boy, before we reached the end of the block, he masterminded a plan to dig up the tree and affix it to the top of my car so that the wind in the willow would always be mine, just a glance in the rear view mirror away.

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Anonymous said...

Such beautiful amazing boys!
Right on with the eyelashes... Certainly made an impression on me when I was a young girl.