Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's Summertime!

We are two weeks into summer vacation and Nate and I are still putting together our Summer 'hit list', but we've also marked a few things off the list as well. As I've encouraged him to keep up some writing during vacation, it occurred to me that I should revisit my little corner of the blogosphere.

There is much to catch up on, but with Gramma in Paris, it may be best just to jump in with a tidbit of the day. Nate is heavy into riding his bike these days and has gotten pretty proficient on the fancy bike gifted to him by Grandpa, with gears and everything. Best of all, he gets to ride with Grandpa on a regular basis and he's motivated all of us to take some family rides as of late.

 Yesterday, Grandpa, Shaun, Nate and I rode around Tidelands Park and Coronado for a cool ten miles. It was overcast and breezy, perfect morning for a ride.

Today, Nate was all about his cousin Harper this and Harper that. We spent the day running errands and preparing for a quick camping trip next weekend. He was relentless with his plan to ride the trolley, then the Coaster and finally for the last leg to my sister's house in Ventura, there would be a taxi ride. Unless of course we wanted to save a few dollars, then he would make arrangements with Aunt Terry to pick us up. "If I ask her, she will do it you know."

"Will Dad be going on this trip with us?"

"No, because that will cost too much money and besides, I calculated that I only spend two to four hours with you per day during the week, so I need to spend more time with just you." Great, so I'm not the only one counting...

Nate begrudgingly agreed to come with Cooper and I for a walk when I reminded him that he could mail his letter to Harper along the way. During the walk, the plan changed. "Mom, I am waking you up when I wake up tomorrow morning and we are going for the bike ride of our lifetime. Mom, can you keep up with me? The fastest we went yesterday was 19 mph and we have to go about 335 miles so I think we will get there in about 5 days." Planes, trains and automobiles were sounding spectacular about right now.

"Mom, can I trust you to tell me the right way to go? Other than that you can not say anything, you can not try to talk me out of it or say no. Just follow my wheel, no words, only follow. We will have the trip of our lifetime. Actually Mom, I think it would be better if Siri gave me directions, you just be quiet and follow my wheel, just follow it okay Mom?"


"Mom, only speak if you want to say what a good time we're having, or if I ask you a question, then you can answer."


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