Sunday, October 9, 2011


Sentimental kid that he is, the first three teeth he lost are in a tiny jar next to the wine glasses in a cupboard. I should clarify, by his own choice, he wanted to save the teeth rather than give them up to the tooth fairy. It's not all sentiment though, there was some mistrust that said tooth fairy might just take his teeth and give him nothing in return.

This time, he had big plans and went for the cash. You see, at school the kids have the opportunity to open a bank account with Mission Federal with no fees and no minimum deposit requirements. Nate already has a bank account, but recently decided that he needs another one, you know--a business account for his lemonade and ice cream stands. He figured the Tooth Fairy would be as good a venture capitalist as any.

He carefully placed the tiny tooth in an envelope and made his request, politely even, and with perfect spelling.

my fourth tooth
Dear tooth fairy, please Give 5 Dollars to me please, nate

He checked that envelope under his pillow at least a kajillion times, telling me during book time how nervous he was that the tooth would break through the envelope and get lost, rendering him toothless and penniless. We wondered what the tooth fairy looked like, the extent of her magical abilities, if she could defend herself against Shelby, Tesla, and Cooper; and if she was actually powered by teeth.

At precisely 3:30am we got the news bulletin--bedside--that the tooth fairy did in fact come and she gave him exactly what he asked for.

"Next time, I'm asking for five thoooooouuuuuuuusand dollars!"


Sam said...

Oh wow, that's awesome. But now you're stuck giving at least 5 dollars for all the teeth. David pointed out by the time we're done, we'll be broke at these rates. ;)

Jarrah was completely uninterested in how the Tooth Fairy does her business, even after we forgot for four nights (!) and had to tell her the Australian tooth fairy has a long trip.

Sam said...

P.S. Is it just me, or is it horrifying that their teeth are falling out, even though they're supposed to? I can barely stand it.