Tuesday, October 4, 2011

One Sunday Afternoon

We were fighting the new school year cold, but it was just too beautiful a day to stay inside. Neither of us had energy for much so we decided to head down to Target--I had intentions of adding something fun to our excursion but decided to measure both of our moods for what turned out to be a very short amount of time, before sharing that thought.

We drove south and a black laquered corvette rumbled passed us. I asked Nate if he liked it.

"Yeah, but do you want to know what my favorite car is?"

I half expected him to say a Ford Fairlane, or some other of his dad's favorites, but no...it's "a taxi cab".

"Huh? Really?"

Of course, he's a practical child and named such a vehicle as his favorite because we need taxi cabs, you see, "for when people make bad choices and need to get home". While I wondered who had been talking to him about drinking and driving, he clarified the bad choices to be bad parking choices. Such as the one I apparently made when I chose to park in front of someone's second driveway that has a huge locked gate across it and a humongous covered RV right on the other side. That gate hasn't been opened once in the last five years, plus I was only going to be there for five minutes, officer...

Whatever, I needed a diversion, and fast. Instead of exiting to buy a coffee pot at Target, we headed downtown. Seaport Village to be exact, where I found a proper and legal parking spot. I'm sure the merry-go-round would have been great, but this afternoon, I was pulling out the big guns. He jumped up and down the entire way. Given his propensity to explain things to me, pure six year old excitement is a real treat.

We were in luck, we twirled through the front revolving door a time or ten and entered the elevator for our first ride at 3:12pm. The Top of the Hyatt opens at 3:00pm. Also lucky that on Sunday afternoon the hotel was relatively empty, I truly don't think we disturbed anyone with our shenanigans. But then, I'm the scofflaw in the family.

The doors opened on the 40th floor and we exited to views of San Diego in all her glory. He ran ahead calling, "Mom, Mom, hurry, LOOK!"

"They have phones!! Let's call Daddy!!"

After a thorough tour of the hotel including each elevator car, several escalators, and the rotating front door; we took a quick stroll through Seaport Village for some jelly bellies and cheap sunglasses, then our mission was complete.

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Sam said...

Bad parking choices! That's priceless! :)